How to Make a Bridal Shower Gift

Monday, August 23, 2010

A bridal shower homemade gift can be both easy and fun to do. The possibilities are endless! The beauty of a homemade bridal shower gift is the gift that can be customized to coordinate with the colors of the wedding or bridal shower theme. This article will help you consider your gifts and talents to create a wonderful wedding shower gift at home.


1. Bridal Shower Basket
A basket bridal shower gift is a simple and fun to do. This is a very versatile design. The basket may be small and delicate to include small items, Such as jewelry, or the Basket may be large and stuffed full of large objects like the picture on the left. Simply find a basket, decorate with ribbons and bows, and fill it full of items for the bride to be. Some items may be scented candles, scented soaps, bath tub, supplies facial, manicure and pedicure supplies, and anything else that you think the bride wants. I like to "relax" gift baskets. The bridal shower gift basket is one of the most popular homemade bridal shower gifts because they are customizable, easy and fun to do.

2. Bridal Shower Photo Album
A photo album customized gift is another fun and easy to do. This photo album could be a bridal shower photo book, photo book honeymoon, before the book of wedding photos, wedding day or photo book. You can make a custom photo book, matching the book cover for wedding colors, making it white, or making the match bridal shower decoration theme.

3. Cake
Do not forget the cake! You can always take a shower wedding cake, sweets or snacks. This is a wonderful way to use your talent to make a bridal shower gift. Catering can be very expensive, so why not give your cooking talent as a bridal shower gift?

4. Flowers
If you are talented to make bunches of flowers, you can create a beautiful bouquet central to the bridal shower. If you're not the person hosting the baby shower, so make sure that the contact person to coordinate any combination of colors you use.

5. Personalize a CD
If you are close to the couple, you could create a custom CD with all their favorite songs included. If you do not know, just start asking a few questions of the bride and groom here and there. Before you know it, you will have all of the information you need to create very special, personal CD for the bride and groom to be.

6. Paper
No need to go all out to make a personal, homemade bridal shower gift. You can write a poem, sing a song, make a card, or combine any of these ideas with your ideas. Stick with what you know. You can have fun and be happy with your final result if you are not stressed during the project. If you have no idea how to arrange flowers, then do not take part project center bouquet. Think about what you love doing and then go from there.

How to Host an Alphabet Bridal Shower

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Alphabet Bridal Shower is a classic theme that your grandmother will fondly recall. Each guest is given a letter of the alphabet, and they are then asked to bring a gift that corresponds to that letter. Guests can get especially creative with their letters of the alphabet, and come up with very unique bridal shower gift ideas. The Alphabet Bridal Shower is a great bridal shower idea for a large group of people.


Things You’ll Need:

* Blank cardstock
* Alphabet rubber stamps
* Terra cotta planters
* Newspaper
* Flowers
* Monogrammed notecards

Step1 : Decide on a guest list and arrange a date for the alphabet bridal shower. Once you have decided these two items, you are ready to find the perfect location for the bridal shower.

Step2 : Find a great location for the alphabet bridal shower. A community hall or popular restaurant could be an excellent choice, so could an at-home shower at a friend or family member’s house.

Step3 : Select invitations that compliment the alphabet bridal shower theme. Invitations that have letters of the alphabet would be ideal; you could also make your own with rubber stamps and blank cardstock.

Step4 : Decorate the room for the bridal shower. One great idea is to sit ladies who have certain letters (A through E) all at a certain table.

Step5 : Make pretty centerpieces for the tables. Carry over the theme of letters by decoupaging terra cotta planters with newsprint and placing pretty flowers in them.

Step6 : Play an alphabet bridal shower theme game. The host begins the game by describing a wedding item, ritual or tradition that starts with the letter "A" and guests continue throughout the rest of the alphabet.

Step7 : Give out lovely bridal shower favors that compliment your theme. Monogrammed notes for each guest could be a nice idea.

Tips & Warnings

* Encourage guests to get creative with the alphabet shower theme. Be sure there are items on the registry that they can purchase that begin with lots of different letters.
* Children’s wooden blocks can also make a charming centerpiece. Add Mylar balloons to the center to make these look pretty.
* An alphabet shower theme is best with at least twenty-six guests, the number of letters in the alphabet. You can always duplicate letters in the alphabet among guests.

By eHow Weddings Editor

How to Make a Bridal Shower Spa Set

If you've been invited to a bridal shower, you can expect an afternoon spent watching a bride-to-be unwrap blenders and dish sets. Many people purchase the bride and groom traditional houseware items like towels, baking tins, and salad bowls. Though she and he may need these products, it's nice to change things up and give the bride something a shower spa set you make yourself. Learn how to make your own spa set for her without breaking bank.

Things You’ll Need:

* A bamboo or wicker basket
* Two towels
* Two washcloths
* Shower gel
* Bath salts
* Bath soap
* Nail file and pedicure set
* Candles
* Relaxation CD


Step1 : Purchase a medium-sized basket from your local arts and crafts store or houseware store. Try Bed, Bath & Beyond. Great spa set choices are wicker baskets or bamboo baskets.

Step2 : Pick out two fluffy towels and washcloths to match. Roll them neatly and stand them up in the spa basket. If you wish, purchase two sets in colors like cream and navy blue for an aesthetic effect.

Step3 : Buy a spa relaxation CD. You can try Barnes and Noble or even Linens and Things. Pick out a CD that has tranquil nature sounds or other calming tracks.

Step4 : Buy matching bath salts, shower gel, and body soap to insert in the spa set. If you don't have alot of money to spend, head over to Target where you can pick out spa essentials that don't cost an arm and a leg. But, if you go with lavender body soap, attempt to get lavendar shower gel and bath salts.

Step5 : Buy a wooden paddle nail file and pedicure kit. They're very convenient and look great in any spa gift set.

Step6 : Pick out one or two candles that match the towels you've placed in the basket. Arrange the candles neatly around the other spa gifts.

Tips & Warnings

* For a nice touch, write "relax" in calligraphy on a little notecard. This can act as your greeting card, as well.
* If you have the extra money, include a gift card from a department store.

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Unique And Different Bridal Shower Favors – Handmade!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Unique and different bridal shower favors are not always easy to find. After all, if they are in the stores or on websites that sell bridal shower favors, they are available to a wide range of people. They may still be unique to you and your friends, but why not consider making your bridal shower favors?

Unique and different bridal shower favors, that are handmade by you, will be treasured far more than those that are ordered in haste.

Candle Bridal Shower Favors

First you will need the candles. Candles can be purchased in bulk for making your unique and different bridal shower favors. Look online for the Candle Factory of Grand Traverse. There you can order white tea candles in metal cups for as little as 12 cents each. Tea lights will burn up to 4 hours, so this may be as large as you want for bridal shower favors. If you want a longer burning or larger candle, order 9-hour votives for as little as 19 cents.

Next you will need candle holders. Bell-a-Roma is a good place to shop. Their selection includes holders for either tea lights or votive candles. If you need bridal shower favors for a beach-theme, you might like the ceramic dolphin holders. For an autumn or winter bridal shower, you might choose the glass flower holders. Their tall flower candle holders are beautiful pastel tulips on green metal stems with green leaves – a delicate, romantic bridal shower favor for a garden party.

Finally, you will need ribbon and copies of small photos of the bridal couple for your bridal shower favors. You can scan a photo into a computer, and print as many copies as you need. Choose white or pastel ribbon to go with your candles and holders. Satin ribbon is good and will tie easily.

To assemble your homemade bridal shower favors, simply thread thin satin ribbon through a hole in each photo, and then tie the ribbon in a bow around your candle holder. Insert a candle, and your unique bridal shower favor is ready.

Tip: If you realize you won't have time to assemble these, but still want candles, look under Bell-a-Roma's heading "wedding candles" for a unique and different bridal shower favor. The "Just Married Car" is a candle holder with clear glass votive holder filled with scented wax. The favor features bride and groom in a just married car. They have many other bridal shower favors I've seen nowhere else. Unique!

Mini Scrapbook Bridal Shower Favors

Scrapbooking is rapidly growing in popularity. Why not create mini scrapbooks for your bridal shower favors? This will work best with digital scrapbooking.

First, visit Oriental Trading Company online and order their Matchbook Albums – one for each bridal shower favor you need.

Scan photos of the bride and her friends into your computer, and size them to fit the 3" x 3" scrapbook pages. Passport size photos work well. Crop your photos to focus on the most important details.

Create 6 digital scrapbook pages, with different digital paper for each. Open windows for your photos, insert, and frame them. Add a brief note or caption and a small embellishment.

Now print copies of your digital pages for each bridal shower favor. Assemble, and tie with ribbon for unique and different bridal shower favors.

Wooden Letter Bridal Shower Favors

This unique bridal shower favor will be treasured by everyone at your party. Purchase large wooden letters at a craft or home store. Oriental Trading has these letters, painted white, in 6" height. Purchase the letter that will be the bride's new last initial. For example, if her married name will be Jones, purchase a letter "J" for each bridal shower favor.

"Scrap" the wood letters with scrapbooking paper, ribbon, and stickers that have meaning to the bride and her friends. Tie a ribbon on each bridal shower favor when it is done.

Heart Tin Bridal Shower Favors

Heart tins filled with candy need not be boring. They can be bridal shower favors as unique as you are. Purchase small, plain heart tins with lids at a craft store. Embellish the lids with symbols and words that have meaning for you and the bride. Find embellishments at a scrapbooking supply site or craft store. Fill the tins with red cinnamon heart candies for a unique bridal shower favor.

The Perfect Bridal Shower

Friday, August 8, 2008

The bridal shower is one of the last nights before the wedding reception to get all the girls, bridesmaids, and wedding attendants together to just relax, take a break from all the planning, and have a fantastic time. Usually the maid of honor will plan the bridal shower and coordinate all the themes, decorations, favors, and food. If you're faced with the task of planning this party in addition to helping the bride along with all of her planning, then you might find yourself in a position that comes with responsibility and some stress.

You should try taking a step back and thinking about what everyone wants out of this bridal shower. The common denominator is just the idea of having fun, so plan some events, games, or dances that everyone can participate in at the bridal shower. The party favors can have a big impact on the celebration, especially if you pick the perfect favors that will keep everyone engaged and talking throughout the party. A simple way of doing this is by shopping online.

The bridal shower should be a fun time that denotes the excitement of the upcoming wedding in which everyone will be at the height of their great moods and big hopes for the future. If you are planning a bridal shower and want to make it absolutely perfect then try including elements that will be present at the actual wedding party such as including some similar decorations, music, or activities to get everyone excited for the wedding and to give everybody a little taste of what they’ve been planning for the past few months.

One of the most important parts of the bridal shower, and, in fact, its namesake, is ‘showering’ the bride with gifts and warm wishes for her wedding. Give her some gifts for her new home such as linens, dinnerware and flatware, or just some decorations that will warm up the new home with the personalities of all the bride’s closest friends. Gag gifts and funny novelties are very popular at bridal showers. Here are some examples of what you can find online for bridal shower favors, bridal shower gifts, and any other accessories that you’ve been trying to find.

Heart Measuring Spoon:

These measuring spoons would be terrific gifts at your bridal shower especially if your guests love to cook and bake special treats in their own homes. The heart shaped spoons are a great reminder of the love that brings everyone together on your special day and is a great way to say thank you to everyone at the bridal shower for their help that they’ve given you with such great love.

Pewter Shell Bookmark:

What a great way to lead into a beach or summer themed wedding! These adorable bookmark charms will certainly be received in a great way by the guests at your bridal shower. The shell and starfish charms come on an elegant ribbon that will fit into any book that your guests are reading. They will certainly be thankful every time they need to mark a page and they end up reaching for this great keepsake from your fantastic party.

Why Get Bridal Party Gifts

Thursday, August 7, 2008

If you are putting together a wedding it is easy to get to a point where you think you are doing it all on your own. Pressures pile up and deadlines come due, but remember that though it might feel that way, you are not doing it on your own! Your wedding party is there with you, and you'll find that though they are certainly not putting in as much time and effort as you are- after all, they're not the ones getting married- they are often going above and beyond the call of duty! When you start thinking about bridal party gifts, it is important to think about what they have contributed.

Remember that your wedding party will be devoting time and in some cases travel to your wedding. They are spending the day, in many ways, as unpaid support staff, and bridal party gifts are just one way that you can show them how much you appreciate them. Take some time to make sure that they know that they are appreciated. If it is their first wedding as a member of the bridal party, tell them how much they've helped, and if they've been doing this for a while, let them know that you appreciate their efforts.

By this point, you already know that a wedding is not cheap. It's become a real industry, and though you or your family will be bearing the brunt of the cost, you'll find that your wedding party really won't be spared, either. You'll find that they need to shell out for travel costs, and in the case of the bridesmaids, you'll also find that in many cases that they will be paying for the bridesmaids' gown as well. Many people are worried about money these days, so if your attendants have invested money in a dress to wear, make sure that they know how much you appreciate it.

When you are considering wedding party gifts, think about everything that your wedding party has given you. Who was there for you when you had an invitation emergency, and who can be trusted to keep you calm on the big day itself? When you start thinking about your wedding, you'll realize that you are definitely not in it alone when you think about your wedding party, so take some time and make sure that they know this. Good bridal party gifts are an important way to show that you care about the sacrifices that they have made and that you are interested in what they have done for you.

Take some time to really think about what your bridal party has done, and then make sure that when you sneak out to buy bridal party gifts that it reflects what they have done for you! Making sure that they feel appreciated is one way to make sure that they understand how you feel about them, so don't miss out on this great opportunity to say thank you!

Create A Bridal Shower Scrapbook

Monday, August 4, 2008

Your best friend from college is getting married. You’re the maid of honor. You’re thinking there is no way you’re going to get her a toaster or blender. Why not make her a bridal shower scrapbook?

Once the invitations are chosen, save one, completely filled out to put at the beginning of the scrapbook. When you send out the invitations, ask each guest to mail you one photo of the bride with the guest, along with a few sentences about how they know the bride, or a special moment they’ve shared with the bride. Another option is to have paper and pens available at the shower and have all of the guests write their thoughts while at the shower. For those guests who can not attend, it’s wonderful to have their photos and thoughts also. Since you want the paper to be acid free and lignin free, consider mailing the paper with the invitations.

Did the bride register at a particular store? Go to the store and take photos of the store, from the outside. If the bride goes with you, take photos of the bride standing outside of the store. If the store has a catalog, take a photo of the store catalog.

If the shower is held in a reception room, take several pictures before your guests arrive. If the shower is held in someone’s home, take photos of the outside of the house. Then take some photos of the decorated room prior to everyone arriving.

Are you serving food? If it’s prepared ahead of time, take photos of the table with all of the food on it. Did guests bring the food? If so, provide them with paper to write down the recipe, which you can then include in the scrapbook you are making.

When the bride begins opening her gifts, try to take one photo of each gift. Jot down who gave her the gift and try to include a photo of the guest on the same page as the gift photo from that person. Make a point of getting at least one photo of each guest in attendance.

If you play any type of games that involve writing, try to use acid free, lignin free paper so that you can include the game sheets in the scrapbook.

If the bride has thank you notes, include a blank thank you note in the scrapbook, so that she’ll have the memory of what notes she used.

Using all of the above suggestions, you can create a very special memory for the bride to be and I guarantee that the bride will appreciate this scrapbook much more than a toaster or blender.