The Perfect Bridal Shower

Friday, August 8, 2008

The bridal shower is one of the last nights before the wedding reception to get all the girls, bridesmaids, and wedding attendants together to just relax, take a break from all the planning, and have a fantastic time. Usually the maid of honor will plan the bridal shower and coordinate all the themes, decorations, favors, and food. If you're faced with the task of planning this party in addition to helping the bride along with all of her planning, then you might find yourself in a position that comes with responsibility and some stress.

You should try taking a step back and thinking about what everyone wants out of this bridal shower. The common denominator is just the idea of having fun, so plan some events, games, or dances that everyone can participate in at the bridal shower. The party favors can have a big impact on the celebration, especially if you pick the perfect favors that will keep everyone engaged and talking throughout the party. A simple way of doing this is by shopping online.

The bridal shower should be a fun time that denotes the excitement of the upcoming wedding in which everyone will be at the height of their great moods and big hopes for the future. If you are planning a bridal shower and want to make it absolutely perfect then try including elements that will be present at the actual wedding party such as including some similar decorations, music, or activities to get everyone excited for the wedding and to give everybody a little taste of what they’ve been planning for the past few months.

One of the most important parts of the bridal shower, and, in fact, its namesake, is ‘showering’ the bride with gifts and warm wishes for her wedding. Give her some gifts for her new home such as linens, dinnerware and flatware, or just some decorations that will warm up the new home with the personalities of all the bride’s closest friends. Gag gifts and funny novelties are very popular at bridal showers. Here are some examples of what you can find online for bridal shower favors, bridal shower gifts, and any other accessories that you’ve been trying to find.

Heart Measuring Spoon:

These measuring spoons would be terrific gifts at your bridal shower especially if your guests love to cook and bake special treats in their own homes. The heart shaped spoons are a great reminder of the love that brings everyone together on your special day and is a great way to say thank you to everyone at the bridal shower for their help that they’ve given you with such great love.

Pewter Shell Bookmark:

What a great way to lead into a beach or summer themed wedding! These adorable bookmark charms will certainly be received in a great way by the guests at your bridal shower. The shell and starfish charms come on an elegant ribbon that will fit into any book that your guests are reading. They will certainly be thankful every time they need to mark a page and they end up reaching for this great keepsake from your fantastic party.