How to Host an Alphabet Bridal Shower

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Alphabet Bridal Shower is a classic theme that your grandmother will fondly recall. Each guest is given a letter of the alphabet, and they are then asked to bring a gift that corresponds to that letter. Guests can get especially creative with their letters of the alphabet, and come up with very unique bridal shower gift ideas. The Alphabet Bridal Shower is a great bridal shower idea for a large group of people.


Things You’ll Need:

* Blank cardstock
* Alphabet rubber stamps
* Terra cotta planters
* Newspaper
* Flowers
* Monogrammed notecards

Step1 : Decide on a guest list and arrange a date for the alphabet bridal shower. Once you have decided these two items, you are ready to find the perfect location for the bridal shower.

Step2 : Find a great location for the alphabet bridal shower. A community hall or popular restaurant could be an excellent choice, so could an at-home shower at a friend or family member’s house.

Step3 : Select invitations that compliment the alphabet bridal shower theme. Invitations that have letters of the alphabet would be ideal; you could also make your own with rubber stamps and blank cardstock.

Step4 : Decorate the room for the bridal shower. One great idea is to sit ladies who have certain letters (A through E) all at a certain table.

Step5 : Make pretty centerpieces for the tables. Carry over the theme of letters by decoupaging terra cotta planters with newsprint and placing pretty flowers in them.

Step6 : Play an alphabet bridal shower theme game. The host begins the game by describing a wedding item, ritual or tradition that starts with the letter "A" and guests continue throughout the rest of the alphabet.

Step7 : Give out lovely bridal shower favors that compliment your theme. Monogrammed notes for each guest could be a nice idea.

Tips & Warnings

* Encourage guests to get creative with the alphabet shower theme. Be sure there are items on the registry that they can purchase that begin with lots of different letters.
* Children’s wooden blocks can also make a charming centerpiece. Add Mylar balloons to the center to make these look pretty.
* An alphabet shower theme is best with at least twenty-six guests, the number of letters in the alphabet. You can always duplicate letters in the alphabet among guests.

By eHow Weddings Editor